Our lighting division consists of:

Nuvo Glo
The NUVO-Glo™ UV Light from ProAgua Products is revolutionary in its concept as they create incredible nighttime visual effects utilizing the NUVO-Glo™ Aggregates, Mosaics, and tiles. These powerful lights provide the UV power that allows the aggregates, mosaics, and tiles to light up after dark. Create a stunning, one-of-a-kind visual WOW in your new pool with the NEW NUVO-Glo™ UV Lighting System and commercial- grade fluorescent aggregates, tiles, and glow-in-the-dark mosaics. The magic happens when our incredible NUVO-Glo™ 12V UV Light makes our innovative glow products continuously glow brightly throughout the night.

Proagua Products
Proagua also offers SuperVision Fiber Optic Lighting and its ProBrite LED lights for residential and commercial pools, fountains as well as architectural lighting applications. ProAgua Falls “AGUABRITE” are a unique combination of sheer waterfalls illuminated SuperVision Fiber Optics and LEDs that display the magical dance of water and light.

Razorlux Lighting
LED Manufacture of High power industrial LED Floods, Marine Lights, Sports Lighting. Tunnel Lights, High Bay, Gas station, Stadium Lights, 120v to 480v Also offer 12v high wattage floods.

FYT Lighting
LED Manufacture of Linear High bays, LED Pole mount parking lights, LED Floodlights, LED High bays UFO,LED Tri Proof linear strips, Food processing High Bays, LED Street Lighting

PTLX Global
Led Manufacture of High Power LED Floodlights and Marine Lighting, Mining, High Mast, Industrial , Construction paving, 12v,24v up to 347v

Ardenlux Enterprises Inc
Their lighting includes Parkade LED Lighting, LED Wall packs, Rotatable wall packs, Classic LED Wall packs, Full cut off LED Wall packs, LED Flex Strips, Architecture LED Downlights 6,8 & 10 inch ,Bath & vanity lighting, LED Cloud lights ,Double Rim ceiling lights , LED Indoor wall Lighting, LED Linear Strips, LED Flat panels, LED Outdoor Architectural for urban landscape, Local BC Inventory.

Dabmar Lighting
USA MFG of High Quality Fixtures for Residential, Commercial and Industrial use. Product Line includes; Landscape Lighting, Decorative Posts, HID, Florescent and LED for Indoor and Outdoor Applications; Well Lighting, Pool Lighting, Marine Applications, Step Lighting and LED Bollards

Lumingen Lighting
Lumingen Technologies is a Canadian company, founded and based in Vancouver, BC. Our experienced team of Canadian researchers and engineers has developed and tested our lighting products for North American conditions and received CSA certification. In collaboration with our partners, Advanced International Multitech Co., and Orient Semiconductor Technologies, we have established a manufacturing and supply chain protocol that can meet any demand or challenge and maintain the highest level of quality. Lumingen also makes linear and conventional high bays, industrial floodlights for sports lighting, ski hills and industrial hazardous led fixtures.

VL Lighting Solutions
Commercial LED and Fluorescent lighting, Moisture Proof, parabolic Recessed, T5 Highbays, LED streetlights, LED Highbays, LED Display lighting, LED Down lights recessed, LED Floodlights, Architectural High Bays, Direct Indirect Linear, Wall Packs Round & Square, Ceiling Luminaires