Our lighting division consists of:

E2 Lighting
Outdoor lighting includes led floodlights, led ufo high bays, led linear high bays, led retrofit kits, led shoebox fixtures, led wall packs c/w full cutoff and non v\cutoff. Indoor fixtures include led ceiling fixtures, led corn bulb lights, led flat panels, led t8 tubes. All products are cul and dlc listed.

PTLX Global
Industrial Heavy Duty LED lighting geared for the mining and Marine industries, products include low voltage LED floodlights, Line voltage LED high bays and Flood Lights. New this year, High Mast LED Flood Lights 100,000 Plus Lumen and HAZ rated LED Floods. Product is manufactured in the USA using the latest Cree Chips

Dabmar Lighting
USA MFG of High Quality Fixtures for Residential, Commercial and Industrial use. Product Line includes; Landscape Lighting, Decorative Posts, HID, Florescent and LED for Indoor and Outdoor Applications; Well Lighting, Pool Lighting, Marine Applications, Step Lighting and LED Bollards

Lumingen Lighting
Lumingen Technologies is a Canadian company, founded and based in Vancouver, BC. Our experienced team of Canadian researchers and engineers has developed and tested our lighting products for North American conditions and received CSA certification. In collaboration with our partners, Advanced International Multitech Co., and Orient Semiconductor Technologies, we have established a manufacturing and supply chain protocol that can meet any demand or challenge and maintain the highest level of quality.

VL Lighting Solutions
Commercial LED and Fluorescent lighting, Moisture Proof, parabolic Recessed, T5 Highbays, LED streetlights, LED Highbays, LED Display lighting, LED Down lights recessed, LED Floodlights, Architectural High Bays, Direct Indirect Linear, Wall Packs Round & Square, Ceiling Luminaires